Patti B.
I had my first visit, for a routine cleaning. I am very impressed with the ease of scheduling an appointment, the convenience of appointments outside of ""regular"" business hours, the friendly staff and the thoroughness of the examination and cleaning procedure. Dr. Park was careful, compassionate, a good listener, and explained a lot about my teeth and her recommendations to care for my dental health moving forward. I am pleased and I look forward to being a long-term patient! Thanks Green Dental of Alexandria!
Roberto B.
Gold Stars on all fronts. The office is spotless, gives off a great vibe and has quiet soothing classical music playing. The front desk people are very warm and go above and beyond. Televisions are placed above the chairs so you can relax and watch TV while they work away under the hood. Dr. Park is very kind, thorough, and addressed all my concerns and questions.
Sure cleanings hurt a bit, but I actually look forward to them now!
Lauren K.
Best dental experience I've had in a long time. The reception/billing staff was friendly and helpful. The dental hygienists were gentle and knowledgeable. Dr Park was kind, thorough, and answered all of my questions. I'll be back!
Sean C.
Overall the office staff is friendly and Dr. Park is nice. However, it is a little over priced and the parking in the area is not good. I had to end up paying anywhere from 3 dollars to 7 dollars to park.
Terry A.
Dr. Park has a wonderful manner with her patients! I feel very fortunate to have her as my dentist. Her hygienists and office staff are very competent and kind. I would go nowhere else.
Jennifer B.
I just had my first appointment at Green Dental and I couldn't be happier with their service. I tend to be nervous when going to the dentist, but all of the staff were very welcoming and nice. The exam chair massages your back as you're getting your cleaning and there's a television on the ceiling to distract you from dental work. The cleaning and evaluation was very gentle. Thanks, Green Dental!
Belmarys B.
i made an appointment for horrible pain from i recieved from having work dental done at this office. I have never had such pain in my teeth from a filling from any other dentist ever. I made the appointment and went 20 minutes early to find parking which this location does not have. I circled around many times and the garage doors were closed. So I found a parking blocks away and the meter was not working so i rushed to the dentist office and told them my situation. I sat down and waited for 20 minutes nervous about my car and I asked again to see when I would be seen that my car is not safe and I cannot find parking. They made many excuses and made me continue waiting so many people came in after me and were seen. So I asked if they could reschedule my appt as I am scared that my car maybe towed due to the lack of parking and non working meters. I don't understand how such a practice does not offer parking options. I wish I knew this before. Two months later I receive a notice of $50 cancellation fee. They told me that even though i showed up to the appt I have to pay the fee for leaving and that they are not responsible for parking. I disputed the charged and no one ever contacted me I had to keep calling the office for an update. I do not recommend this office to anyone. It is so expensive as well i had to pay hundreds of dollars for simple work.
Julia W.
Excellent and welcoming service for a consultation. I am a regular at this office and have not been disappointed by the service.
Saletta C.
I've been a patient for 3.5 years. Today I got a tooth pulled. I am not proud of that. Dr. Park gave me options today that included allowing her to pull it or go see an Oral Surgeon. There was no way I was leaving her office when I trust her so much. I was nervous but I trust her more than anyone I've ever trusted to complete dental work. I am very found of Dr. Park and how caring and gentle her care is with each patient. I was equally impressed when I walked into her office today. Dr. Park was personally calling a patient just to see how he was doing after a visit. I joked with her about that .... what Dr. calls just to check on you anymore. Very nice. Very much appreciated.
Ranjana S.
I picked this because it was close and was impressed with the polite professionalism I encountered. Loved that I did not have to wait, but also loved the massage chair to relax tired back muscles. I felt the cost of procedures was a little on the high side...
Elizabeth P.
Great experience at the office this morning. Loved the massage chair. My only criticism (meant to be constructive) is that the hygienist who did my cleaning didn't offer me any mouthwash or water for swishing and cleaning up. I realized after leaving the office that I had residue from the polish all over my face. Embarrassing!
Christina C.
Chantel L.
One of the best dental clinics I've been to thus far. I love the fact that they give an incentive (free tooth whitening) for good dental hygiene and their service is impeccable. I'm happy they actually went over the x-rays and pictures they took of my teeth to give more knowledge of what they look for in x-rays. I'm so happy I found them!
Nora D.
We've been going for almost a year now and they are great. Always friendly, punctual, and efficient. They communicate really well and it's a very low stress environment. I would definitely recommend them!
Matthew C.
Clean and professional office. Modern and technically up to date.

Dr. Park is kind and very informative. She made sure I knew exactly what procedure was going to be done for my clarification. She has a very steady hand, so there were no slips or any pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Park at Green Dental she treats her patients with care and respect.
Zunkaria H.
I will have to agree that the equipment they use is amazing. No long wait time (I barely waited). They are super nice and I'd say the best dentist that I've been to.
neva m.
I had x rays in June and a full debridement in July. As I was leaving my appointment in July I asked the receptionist if I could schedule my cleaning (since that's what I originally came for in June) she told me I would have to wait at least one month for my gums to heal so I scheduled it in September. At that time the receptionist asked me why I never had my bi-annual cleaning and I told her that's what I had originally came for in June and instead I was re-directed to have a debridement. I went for my cleaning in September and the hygienist pulled up my x rays, and asked me how long it had been since I was last at the dentist. I innocently answered 8 months as it had been before I came here in June. From then on, the hygienist kept referring to my x rays telling me how many deposits I have in my gums. I told her that these x rays weren't current and that they were from before my debridement. She said, oh then you have a lot more deposits, I am going to have to get Dr. Park. Dr. Park then came in and told me that I was here because she had previously told me (the patient) how bad my gum disease was and that this appointment she set up to help with my gums since they were so sensitive and sore last time. I informed the doctor that my gums weren't sensitive or sore and that I have never even required any sort of numbing agent with any cleaning and that in fact my gums are only sensitive after being ""deep cleaned/debrided"" in the same spot consecutively for three minutes, when it causes bleeding. I also told Dr. Park that the hygienist was cleaning my teeth as she was reviewing my x rays to see what areas needed attention. I am concerned because I strongly feel that this office had me mixed up with another patient. Furthermore, I am concerned that the staff doesn't communicate to each other any prior treatments that the patient has received within their own office. Hopefully no one ever has to go through this experience ever again as I have never had such an unpleasant disorganized visit to the dentist office in my life.
Yolande F.
Very professional and calming atmosphere. I would certainly recommend Dr. Park.
Had a great first experience with Green Dental today. Very cool place with all the high tech gear. Staff was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor Park made me feel welcome, listen to my concerns, and took the time to explain what future work was needed and why. Convenient to the King Street Metro station which worked perfectly with my commute.
Glad I picked Green Dental.
Greg H.

My wife visited Green a Dental in for a routine filling. Prior to commencement of the procedure, she specifically asked Dr. Park's staff if the procedure was completely covered by our insurance. The staff said it was and we assumed that they knew what they were talking about and/or had called to confirm the procedure (they had done this on prior visits). However, we were later told by Dr. Park's office that we had an outstanding balance as our insurance had, in fact, not covered the administration of an anti-microbial agent and that we were responsible for the outstanding balance. The insurance company explained during a later phone call that they only cover that treatment, if necessary, on a follow-up treatment. They said this was something would routinely confirm if/when a dentist's office contacts them prior to a procedure. When I went back in person to Green Dental to resolve this, Dr. Park would not meet with me so I discussed the issue with her office manager. Her office manager attempted to tell me that the anti-microbial agent could only be administered during the initial treatment in order to justify the administration of an agent we DID NOT AUTHORIZE, despite the fact that my wife specifically stated she only wanted services covered by insurance. The office manager also tried to say that they could not be sure what an insurance company would/would not cover - this was nonsense since they had specifically done that on other treatments (and frankly it behooves them as health care professionals to understand insurance they are making claims against). The office manager admitted that somehow the staff had not confirmed coverage. I asked that the cost of anti-microbial agent be deducted and the office manager said that would be up to Dr. Park and that she would get to me shortly.

No one ever called or followed up. About seven months later I got a bill from Dr. Park for the services the insurance company refused and that we did not authorize... so much for customer service and professional accountability.

So again - do not go to Green Dental, you cannot be assured that what the staff is telling you is correct and they will not own up to their errors.
love l.
been going to dr. park from her early days. doctor is wonderful. very thorough. explains everything. assistants r great too. the receptionist was arrogant even to my husband who was waiting for me and never been there before. i just overful look the rudeness because i like dr. park so much.
Kent G.
Transferred to Green approx. two years ago and it has been a great experience being part of a new, proactive practice. Always great attention to detail not experienced with my old dentist.

12/23 - continued great service and courteous follow up and service.
Joost S.
Dr. Hye Park is an excellent dentist. She is soft-spoken and she has gentle yet well-trained hands. The reception staff (her name is Sue) is very nice and professional. The dental clinic is clean and has state-of-the-art equipment. The location is steps away from King Street train station. I definitely recommend this clinic.
Deborah H.
I have dental anxiety but Green Dental set my tensions at ease with kind receptionist, a lovely and stylish lobby and short wait time. The chair for my appointment was actually a massage chair, which I think helped me to relax while they did the work. After the appointment, they printed out a sheet clearly explaining all of the fees, what my insurance covers and what I owe. I appreciate their transparency. Best dental experience I've had.
Dan O
I recently needed some pretty serious dental work, and cannot say enough kind things about Green Dental of Alexandria! The doctors and staff were cheerful, knowledgeable, and very professional throughout the whole experience. The office is also spotless, high-tech, and welcoming with massage chairs and cable TVs in each exam room. I will definitely be returning for my next cleaning and cannot recommend Green Dental highly enough!
Brenda S.
I'm from the generation that grew up before fluoride and sealants were available to prevent tooth decay. Every one of my molars was filled during adolescence. Consequently, I have had many crowns over the years. Dr. Park recently replaced a crown on a worn-down molar: not an easy task. She didn't have much tooth left to work with, but she did an amazing job! Thank you, Dr. Park and crew.
Daniela K
Always have a great experience here, right from when I walk in. Sue must have the best memory in the world, because every time I walk in she remembers me. Dr. Park is thorough and VERY knowledgeable; puts you at ease. I suggest when she asks you if there is anything you're concerned about, not to be afraid and let her know, even if you think it's something small. Pauline, the dental assistant was very cheerful and engaging. A+ team, and I'll see you in March!
Jennifer V.
Dr. Park is the doc to see in Alexandria. I am new to the area and needing a bit of dental work, Dr. Park created a plan outlining what we will do and when. It's nice when a doc is well versed in managing expectations. Not only that, she is a state of the art dentist. The staff at Green Dental get an A++ in my book.
Alex H.
Excellent customer service and Dr. Park is thorough in examination, and describing what she is doing.
Angie G.
I stopped in with my 19 year old daughter to schedule a cleaning. We recently moved to the area and it was time for her check up. The Dentist was at the desk, made our appointment and was very polite and made sure to mention the ""free teeth whitening"" they offer with first cleaning (if no cavities).
My daughter went to her appointment alone and came home distraught holding a three page ""action plan"" for work needing to be done. She was told she had 12 cavities, but the Dentist wasn't too concerned because they are small. I knew this could not possibly be the case. I immediately called our longtime Dentist from another state. He spoke with me on phone, ensuring me that I am correct, my daughter has what he considers teeth with extra goofy surfaces that have pits but they are in no way cavities. He assured me he would personally come into the office to see me daughter in our hometown next month to verify his conclusion.
With that being said, my daughter couldn't stop talking about the massage chair, tv on the ceiling and cool place. Yes, those things are ""cool"" but not good medicine! Get a second opinion if your are told you have a mouth full of cavities.
Toni B
I highly recommend Green Dental of Alexandria. Dr. Park and her team do a fantastic job, and I always feel valued as a patient. Dr. Park is generous with her time and makes sure all of your questions are answered and that you have up to date information on how to best manage your dental care between visits. Their facilities are lovely as well. Where else can you have your teeth cleaned in a massaging chair!
Richard G.
This is the best dentist office ever!!
I broke a tooth late Friday night and saw their office while I was walking to the store - I went in and they were open on a Saturday morning. Next surprise was the fact they made time to see me, a new patient with no appointment, in about 30 minutes.
I had an appointment to have a crown fitted but realized I would be out of town at the time. I called and spoke to Dr. Park and she made an 8AM the following day appointment to fit the crown.

I cannot recommend EVERYONE in this office highly enough. Very professional and very, very nice people.
Kitty K.
Great experience on my first visit to Green Dental because of the skilled, compassionate staff. Thank you.
Judith M.
Green Dental is a very pleasing modern dental office that is run by a friendly and courteous staff. Dr. Park is very professional and listens to the patient. She works with care and is very gentle. Great experience!
Beth B.
I have nothing but good things to say about my first visit. The office is very nice, as is all of the staff. I was also really impressed by the personal attention I received from Dr. Park - I don't think my past dentists ever spent that much time speaking with me and even doing the cleaning herself. I'm very happy to have found a good dentist in the area, since I had put off going for too long after moving here!
Rachel B.
My first experience here was very positive. I liked the clean, brightness of the office. All of the staff were friendly and professional. They were very thorough in explaining treatment options and finances. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Rachel W.
Great experience! Dr. Park is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable for a first time patient. The office has a great vibe, and made the overall visit a breeze. I would highly recommend!
Carmine M.
Great experience at Green Dental with Dr. Park and her assistant's. Want to give a special shoutout to Sue for being extremely helpful.

The office is as high-tech as a dentist office can get. Not only is Dr. Park more efficient and interactive than I had hoped for, but she is also the most good looking dentist I've ever had.

p.s. that warm towelette at the end is a nice touch; thanks Green Dental!
Daniela M.
I enjoyed my visit today. I did not feel as if I was visiting a dentist, in fact, I felt rather relaxed, unheard off during a dentist visit. Keep up the good work!
Debra D.
It was actually a pleasure visiting the Green Dental's office. The workers were so friendly and calmed any anxiety I may have had. I also found the doctor to be just as friendly. Good first impression. The only bad thing (if bad) I had to say was that I think the prices are a little high, but I guess that's because of the chair that massages you as the dentist is working on your teeth. The office is calming and beautiful.
Amy H.
I can honestly say it was the best dentist appt I've ever had! My last dentist was horrible, cut me many times and bruised my face badly. Dr. Park is sweet, gentle and very thourogh. The rest of the staff was just as nice starting with my phone calls to make the appt. They send text messages to confirm appt.'s and the office is very modern yet comfortable. And the bonus, massage dental chairs!!! Im so happy to have finally found a Dentist I love! Cant believe I'm saying this...but Im actually looking forward to my next appt for a filling!
fen m.
Hye Park and her assistants will ask you over and over (and over) again how much money you make or where you work and what you do and your job title. I understand this is way Koreans are (obsession with only one thing in life, money). They already had my insurance card which shows I have premium insurance. There is no need for this insulting probing. I find this treatment disrespectful which is ironic since Koreans have 7 levels of respect to show someone else depending on his/her status. It is even more ironic since Hye Park herself told me she dislikes this aspect of Korean culture and it is a reason why she lives in USA. Her dental work was good but high priced.
Allison F.
I absolutely love this office! Dr. Hye Park is fantastic and the staff is wonderful too. Very comfortable massage chairs, TV's to watch during the cleaning, and they do a very thorough job. All in all this is a great dentist!
Mary W.
Very professional, gentle, and thorough. Great use of technology for diagnosis, treatment, and communication. I'm very happy Ive found this dental practice!
Lesley M.
Great service as always! Sue is incredibly helpful and Dr. Park is extremely professional, friendly and efficient. Thanks!
Shannon P.
Green Dental of Alexandria is THE BEST dental practice of which I have ever been a patient. What initially drew me to them when I researched dental clinics in Old Town Alexandria was their ""green,"" eco-friendly, and sustainable practices. A close second was their high tech equipment and modern office. All of the staff are exceptionally friendly and cheery, matching the office's bright, cheery environment. They have great attention to detail, from stocking a mini refrigerator with bottled water to a coffee/tea bar to a computer/internet setup in the lobby to the immaculate and nice-smelling restroom facilities to ceiling-mounted TVs above the dental chairs to the warm moist towelette provided after your cleaning to wipe your mouth! I also appreciated the many windows offering natural light into the office. The hygienist, Sue, and Dr. Hye Park were both very kind and knowledgable and took the time to answer all of my questions. They take insurance and are approved under Tricare, so I will be sure to refer all of my military friends to them. The only things I would recommend for Green Dental is that they should consider validating parking in the garage next door (otherwise you have to pay to park on the street or at a meter) and also provide some type of eye glasses or goggles for patients to wear when they're getting their teeth cleaned or worked on...the spotlight overhead can be very bright, and the water can spray the eyes.
Miki H.
WOW!! What a wonderful entry, very helpful staff, experienced assistants and brand new everything!!! The equipment for xrays and pano were fast, comfortable! Dr. Park was very through with my xrays and explained everything to me very well. I had a very good cleaning, my teeth feel amazing! As a dental assistant in my past, I was very impressed, all the details! LOVED IT!!! I love the location and I already scheduled my next appointment for treatment. I am also a canadiate for 6 month braces""new"" so Im really excited to proceed and see Dr. Park and her staff again and again!!

Very Pleased Patient :)

Amir K.
Alison K.
Milena R.
Steven E.
Sandy P.
Michael T.
Dipak A.
Eduardo F.