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Your Child's 1st Dental Appointment 

Alexandria VA DentistTaking care of your children is something that you desire to do well, which is why it may surprise you to learn that you have already missed the optimal time to take your children for their first dental appointments. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics both agree that children should be taken in for their first dental appointments by the time they reach their first birthdays. This is quite a shock to most veteran parents and new parents alike since most 12-month olds rarely have more than two teeth!

There are specific reasons why it is recommended that children visit the dentist at such a young age. Here are the main benefits of early dental care:

  • Allow children to be comfortable with the dentist. Many adolescents and even adults find that they suffer from anxieties when it comes to visiting the dentist. Many of these anxieties can be avoided from an early exposure to the dentist. When very young children are brought into the dentist and begin their dental care early, they are comfortable visiting the dentist’s office. They understand that it is just a normal part of life to visit the dentist on a regular basis, and they are much more likely to have positive associations with dental care.
  • Educate parents on proper oral care. The baby teeth are easily susceptible to cavities because of how fast they come in and the lack of proper oral care from very young children. Parents are completely responsible for the health of their children’s teeth, and they must actively do their part to ensure that their children’s teeth stay healthy. Not only does this include the parents brushing their children’s teeth twice a day, but it also includes maintaining a healthy diet for their children. Juice, soda, and sweet tea have no part in a child’s diet as they can increase the chance of childhood diabetes and tooth decay. Candy, fruit snacks, and other foods high in sugar can also wreck havoc on children’s teeth and should be avoided.
  • Identify and break bad oral habits. While pacifiers and thumb sucking are methods for children to make themselves at ease and comfortable, they can cause significant damage to the teeth. Falling asleep at the breast or with a bottle is also damaging to the teeth. Children’s teeth should be brushed at night before going to bed. Allowing children to fall asleep drinking milk leaves their teeth covered in sugar, making them vulnerable to cavities.

At Green Dental of Alexandria, we are proud to serve the youngest patients with exceptional dental care. We understand the importance of children getting off to a positive and healthy start, and we encourage all patients to bring their children into our practice as early as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park, Green Dental of Alexandria

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Patti B.
I had my first visit, for a routine cleaning. I am very impressed with the ease of scheduling an appointment, the convenience of appointments outside of ""regular"" business hours, the friendly staff and the thoroughness of the examination and cleaning procedure. Dr. Park was careful, compassionate, a good listener, and explained a lot about my teeth and her recommendations to care for my dental health moving forward. I am pleased and I look forward to being a long-term patient! Thanks Green Dental of Alexandria!
Roberto B.
Gold Stars on all fronts. The office is spotless, gives off a great vibe and has quiet soothing classical music playing. The front desk people are very warm and go above and beyond. Televisions are placed above the chairs so you can relax and watch TV while they work away under the hood. Dr. Park is very kind, thorough, and addressed all my concerns and questions.
Sure cleanings hurt a bit, but I actually look forward to them now!
Lauren K.
Best dental experience I've had in a long time. The reception/billing staff was friendly and helpful. The dental hygienists were gentle and knowledgeable. Dr Park was kind, thorough, and answered all of my questions. I'll be back!
Terry A.
Dr. Park has a wonderful manner with her patients! I feel very fortunate to have her as my dentist. Her hygienists and office staff are very competent and kind. I would go nowhere else.
Jennifer B.
I just had my first appointment at Green Dental and I couldn't be happier with their service. I tend to be nervous when going to the dentist, but all of the staff were very welcoming and nice. The exam chair massages your back as you're getting your cleaning and there's a television on the ceiling to distract you from dental work. The cleaning and evaluation was very gentle. Thanks, Green Dental!
Saletta C.
I've been a patient for 3.5 years. Today I got a tooth pulled. I am not proud of that. Dr. Park gave me options today that included allowing her to pull it or go see an Oral Surgeon. There was no way I was leaving her office when I trust her so much. I was nervous but I trust her more than anyone I've ever trusted to complete dental work. I am very found of Dr. Park and how caring and gentle her care is with each patient. I was equally impressed when I walked into her office today. Dr. Park was personally calling a patient just to see how he was doing after a visit. I joked with her about that .... what Dr. calls just to check on you anymore. Very nice. Very much appreciated.
Ranjana S.
I picked this because it was close and was impressed with the polite professionalism I encountered. Loved that I did not have to wait, but also loved the massage chair to relax tired back muscles. I felt the cost of procedures was a little on the high side...
Chantel L.
One of the best dental clinics I've been to thus far. I love the fact that they give an incentive (free tooth whitening) for good dental hygiene and their service is impeccable. I'm happy they actually went over the x-rays and pictures they took of my teeth to give more knowledge of what they look for in x-rays. I'm so happy I found them!
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