Sticky, Sugary Easter Treats and Tooth Decay in Children

If you have children, it is almost time for the Easter Bunny to make his annual visit to your home. This means lots of treats for your little ones. While candy and other sugary treats from the Easter Bunny can bring lots of joy to your children, they can also make your children’s teeth more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Particularly if the Easter Bunny brings sticky, gooey and sugary treats, such as fruit rollups, Starburst, gummy bears and worms, taffy, licorice and more.

Unfortunately, the sweet treats that tend to be our children’s favorites are also the ones that are the worst for their dental health. This is because these types of candies and treats are sticky and adhere to the surface of your child’s teeth. This causes prolonged exposure to sugar which breaks down and causes bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

You do not have to be a complete party pooper this Easter. You can let your children enjoy some sugary sweets, however, you may want to limit the frequency. The amount of time the sugary substances have contact with your child’s teeth has a direct impact on the risk for causing tooth decay. To limit the exposure, you may let your child enjoy some sugary treats and then brush and floss their teeth when they are finished. If a toothbrush is not readily accessible, you should encourage your child to rinse his or her mouth with water after eating sugary and sticky candies and other foods.

You can also pass on a helpful suggestion to the Easter Bunny about what candies and other treats to bring and which ones to avoid. In addition to candy, fruit, stickers, books and other toys can also make wonderful Easter Basket fillers!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park, Green Dental of Alexandria

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