Going to the doctor or dentist willingly is often a last result for many people. If something is wrong, they will put off making an appointment as long as they can. While we can appreciate the appeal of “waiting it out” or ignoring a problem, a pain in the tooth is something that should never be ignored. At Green Dental of Alexandria, we understand what you may not: a pain in the tooth is typically a symptom of a greater problem. By ignoring a pain in the tooth, you may surely be setting yourself up for much worse to come.

It is important to let your dentist know any time you have a toothache. Bringing it to your dentist’s attention sooner rather than later will not only help you find relief from your pain faster, but it will also help to protect your smile from permanent damage. When a tooth is in pain it needs to be viewed as a priority, and you need to have it evaluated to determine what the issue is inside your mouth that needs to be addressed. Ignoring any type of pain in a tooth will not make it go away, it will make the issue worse.

People experience toothaches for different reasons, some of which are minor issues and some of which are extremely serious. Whether you think your issue is minor or major, your dentist has the professional ability to assess your problem and give you proper care. There are times when patients come in with a toothache only to learn that they have a popcorn kernel or other small piece of food trapped below their gum line. While this may seem silly, it truly isn’t. If that food particle begins to rot, a whole host of serious issues will come along with it. Better to have the small piece removed than to cause havoc on the mouth.

Other, more serious, issues that can cause a toothache are a cracked, damaged, or infected tooth. Any time trouble reaches the inner layers of a tooth, pain will be experienced. With a cracked tooth, the pain often comes and goes with chewing or applying and releasing pressure on the tooth. More serious damage or infection will cause excruciating pain that will completely interrupt your life.

At Green Dental of Alexandria, we want to help alleviate your pain as soon as possible. Please don’t ignore a pain in the tooth! Contact us today for gentle and effective treatment.

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