Is it really possible to change your life in just six months? With Six Month Smiles®, it is possible to do just that. Six Month Smiles® is a revolutionary orthodontic system that enables you to get a straighter, more balanced and beautiful smile in an average treatment time of just six months. And, with this advanced orthodontic treatment, you will not have to put up with a mouth full of metal in the process.

For many people, traditional metal braces are just not a good solution. The embarrassment of wearing metal braces deters many adults from straightening their teeth. And, the treatment time required for traditional braces (usually one to two years) makes it just too cumbersome for many adults. Fortunately, Six Month Smiles® offers a common sense solution to both of these problems.

Six Month Smiles® works by focusing primarily on the teeth that show when you smile. This short-term orthodontic system utilizes specialized clear braces to gently straighten and align the teeth in the front of your mouth, in an average of just six months. If you desire straighter teeth and a more balanced smile and are not in need of major bite changes, you may be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles®.  Contact a Six Month Smiles® dentist in your local area to find out if this innovative orthodontic system is right for you.

Your smile has a dramatic affect on your appearance, your confidence and your overall quality of life.  If you have spent your life being embarrassed of your smile due to crooked teeth, you know this firsthand. You do not have to continue to hide behind your smile. In just six months, you could have the smile you have always wanted: a smile that is healthy, balanced, beautiful and confident.  alk to a certified Six Month Smiles® dentist today. You are going to love your new smile and your new life!

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