Do you use essential oils in your home? More and more people are discovering the powerful benefits of these natural liquids that are distilled from plants. Essential oils can be sold singularly with one ingredient per bottle or as an oil blend. What you may not know about essential oils, however, is that they can be used to improve your oral health.

At Green Dental of Alexandria, we never suggest essential oils as a replacement for routine brushing and flossing. However, we love suggesting safe and effective treatments from nature that can supplement your oral care routine at home.

While there are many essential oils that can be customized for oral hygiene needs, it is important to that you do your research and be cautious. Not all oils are safe to ingest!

Using Essential Oils for Oral Health

Those in the natural health field are concerned that dangerous chemicals in conventional health products may hinder natural bodily functions, especially the endocrine system. The attraction to using essential oils in dental care is the same as other health industries – they don’t pose risk to the body like other chemical-containing products and toxins.

When it comes to keeping a healthy mouth, the key is to reduce oral bacteria. Excess bacteria and germs can cause gum disease, decay and bad breath. Cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, myrrh, clove and tea tree essential oils are known for their antimicrobial benefits, which means they kill the germs that can cause dental health disruptions. Myrrh oil can also help soothe and heal the gum tissues and clove oil often aids in numbing oral pain.

Essential Oil Treatments

Here are two simple ways you can utilize the power of essential oils within your oral care routine:

  • Promote healthy gums and fresh breath with an essential oil mouth rinse. Use 5-10 drops of your choice of oils per one cup of water. Swish one tablespoon of the mix at a time and spit out like you would any other mouthwash.
  • Prevent tooth decay and fight plaque by putting 2 drops of an oil of your choice on your toothbrush. Brush gently and spit out excess oils and saliva.

Before you begin a dental care regime with essential oils, be sure to run it by us at Green Dental of Alexandria. We love giving patients toxic-free and easy-to-use tactics for keeping a healthy mouth!

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