There are things that we all keep for sentimental reasons: old photographs, trinkets, and maybe a few clothing items. However, there is should be nothing sentimental about keeping an old toothbrush – and if there is, put it up somewhere, don’t use it!

A toothbrush is a tool that was specifically designed to clean the teeth and brush away bacteria-ridden plaque from the surface of the teeth. It is incredibly important that the toothbrush that you allow inside of your mouth is as clean as possible. The American Dental Association recommends that people should replace their toothbrush every three months. While most people do not do this, the ADA does accept that replacing your toothbrush every six months at your bi-annual dental appointment is acceptable.

If you take a minute to really think about the duty of your toothbrush, you will probably be much more inclined to replace it on a very regular basis. Plaque on the teeth is formed by naturally occurring bacteria that break down food particles left in the teeth after eating. Brushing will loosen the plaque and remove it from the mouth. But where does that bacteria go? While most of it is either spit out or rinsed off from the toothbrush under running tap water, a percentage of the bacteria will remain on your toothbrush. These remaining bacteria will do what all bacteria do: grow. Yuck! Also remember that if you come down with a severe cold, virus, or strep throat, it is highly essential that you replace your toothbrush immediately to prevent reinfection from occurring.

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