Your teeth are made from the strongest substance in your entire body. Unfortunately, they are not invincible. Either due to decay, gum disease or trauma, your permanent teeth can become so damaged that they fall out or need to be extracted. While it is common for people to seek a replacement option for a missing front tooth or a row of absent teeth, it is just as important to replace a single tooth that goes missing in the back of your mouth. Any tooth, regardless of its location, should be replaced sooner rather than later if you want to avoid serious consequences.

Missing Teeth Cause More than Gaps in Your Smile

Many patients falsely assume that impaired aesthetics and chewing are the only drawbacks of a missing tooth. Unfortunately, there are a number of other less obvious consequences. There are gradual and even hidden changes that occur inside your mouth and jaw if you neglect to replace missing teeth.

A Missing Tooth Causes Shifting Teeth

When a tooth is gone, the adjacent teeth will start to shift into the open space over time. Not only does this cause crooked and crowded areas within your smile, but your bite alignment also suffers disruption. This can lead to TMJ problems as well as make it more difficult for you to keep your teeth clean. In result, gum disease and tooth decay can become a greater concern.

A Missing Tooth Causes Bone Loss

This consequence is less obvious but no less serious. Your jawbone relies on proper stimulation from a full set of teeth in order for it to maintain its integrity, volume and density. Without a tooth root, the bone can atrophy over time. Not only does this produce a sunken or “aged” appearance in your lower face, but it can also threaten your candidacy for dental implants in the future or mean that you’ll need a bone graft before getting them. Dental implants are the only way to prevent bone loss after missing teeth, but they must be placed sooner rather than later if you want to reap the full benefits and make the procedure as easy as possible.

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