If you are “going green” or trying to be eco-friendly, it means you care about the environment. Many industries across the nation are now adding more eco-minded practices and materials to their business, including the dental industry. In fact, a dental office that offers green dentistry can make significant strides towards protecting both the health of the planet as well as the health of its patients.

Simply put, green dentistry is an environmentally friendly method of providing dental care to patients. Green dental practices utilize advanced technology, materials and treatment techniques that are safe and beneficial for the environment and patient. This includes a wide range of efforts including digital x-rays, dry-air dental vacuums, air purification systems, metal-free fillings and much more.

By choosing an eco-friendly dental practice like Green Dental of Alexandria, you’ll notice that your dentist will do the following:

#1 Minimize or Eliminate Use of Disposable Products
Dentists who value green dentistry are careful to limit or exclude disposable dental products such as plastic pouches, plastic suction tips, latex gloves and other non-biodegradable materials that harm the environment over time. Instead, a green dentist may offer reusable or washable products for each patient as well as utilize eco-friendly disinfectants or steam sterilization between dental appointments to drastically reduce chemical vapors.

#2 Offer Digital Radiography and Other Green Dental Technologies
Advanced technology allows dentists to reduce the release of toxic substances like silver, lead and radiation during dental care. In fact, digital x-rays are the perfect “greener alternative” to traditional film x-rays to give patients a true peace of mind when it comes to safety.

#3 Restore Teeth with Metal-free and Biocompatible Materials
Eco-friendly dentistry also implements adhesive, metal-free teeth restoratives when using porcelain veneers or composite bonding and crowns. This eliminates the use of heavy metals like mercury (amalgam fillings) that can not only impact the main water supply as hazardous waste but also be a concern to patient health. A green dental practice will offer restorative materials that are free of harmful metals as well as biocompatible when possible.

Finding a Green Dentist in Virginia

If you live in the Alexandria area, you’ll be happy to know that Dr. Hye Y. Park is an eco-friendly dentist you can trust to provide comprehensive oral care for your entire family.  Call Green Dental of Alexandria today to learn more about our environmentally-conscious dental practices.

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