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The onset of pain in the mouth should not be ignored. Whether the pain is from an injury to the teeth or gums or an abscess that has popped up, all oral health issues deserve immediate attention. Dental emergencies are those instances in which the health of the teeth has been compromised. At Green Dental of Alexandria, we provide emergency dental care for patients of all ages. While we offer comprehensive dental care to families that includes preventive, general, restorative, and cosmetic dental services, we also provide the highest quality care for dental emergency situations. Dr. Hye Y. Park and the entire team at Green Dental of Alexandria offer emergency dental care in an atmosphere that is as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Dental emergencies almost always occur at the most inconvenient times, yet they require prompt dental care. Green Dental of Alexandria understands how disruptive dental emergencies can be, which is why we have a dentist on call at all times. We make every effort to get you in for an appointment as quickly as possible, and should you require a restorative dental procedure we offer a variety of sedation and relaxation options to help you remain comfortable and anxiety-free during your treatment.

If you have any sort of pain in your mouth or you have an injury to your teeth (chipped tooth, cracked tooth, knocked out tooth, lost filling or crown, etc.), Green Dental of Alexandria is here to provide the most trustworthy emergency dental care. We have state of the art dental equipment and technology and we offer environmentally conscious dental care. Call our office right away if you are in need of emergency dental care. The sooner your needs are addressed, the sooner your restoration and healing can begin.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Hye Park, Green Dental of Alexandria

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