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We Are Protecting Our Patients During COVID-19. Green Dental of Alexandria is closely adhering to the guidelines of the CDC and American Dental Association (ADA) to provide protection for our valued patients. Cleanliness and sterilization have always been critical components of our dental practice. However, we’ve taken these standards to a superior level in order to improve safety and foster confidence for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Holistic Dentistry

Dentistry is all about the oral cavity. It focuses on the health of the teeth, gums and soft tissues in the mouth. Holistic dentistry expands the scope of cause and effect by considering the entire person, not just their mouth and oral hygiene. Holistic dentistry recognizes there are more issues involved in acquiring and maintaining optimal oral health than proper brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist. At Green Dental, our holistic approach encompasses healthy options for patients and the environment.

While physical symptoms are certainly a significant part of dental problems, there may also be outside pressures to consider, as well. For example, if a person has persistent tooth decay, and he or she is known to have good oral hygiene, the problem may have a hidden cause. The person may be unable to brush and floss adequately due to a lack of knowledge about technique, a physical disability or a physiological issue.

Amalgam fillings are made from metal alloys, including mercury. Many patients are choosing to replace these fillings with more eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing composite fillings. Properly disposing of old fillings is essential. Every small step in protecting the environment counts toward a cleaner, healthier world.

At Green Dental, we consider all things when providing you with dental care. We work to ensure that you have the best in patient-centered care. Our education component helps you understand how to manage your oral hygiene so that you can maintain optimal oral health. Our commitment to healthy living extends to protecting the environment through responsible handling and disposal of dental materials.

Green Technology for Healthy White Teeth

Dentistry has made outstanding advancements in instruments, techniques and materials. At Green Dental, we bring this cutting-edge technology to you, providing you with comfortable, efficient, effective, and in many cases, pain-free dental procedures. We offer dental treatments and procedures that result in the highest level of oral health. At the same time, our practices are eco-friendly.

Environmentally conscious dental healthcare is a relatively new concept. Find out more about this unique practice for achieving healthy, beautiful smiles for all your family members. Contact Green Dental of Alexandria today to schedule your appointment.

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Patient Reviews

Green Dental of Alexandria - Alexandria Dentist

4.8/ 5.0

Based on 9 reviews

Jennifer B.

I just had my first appointment at Green Dental and I couldn't be happier with their service. I tend to be nervous when going to the dentist, but all of the staff were very welcoming and nice. The exam chair massages your back as you're getting your cleaning and there's a television on the ceiling to distract you from dental work. The cleaning and evaluation was very gentle. Thanks, Green Dental!

Stephen J.

Top shelf dental care. Convenient location via METRO/King Street Station. Patient's dental chair features back massage capability along with TV viewing (CNN). Dr. Hye Park is very smooth. Dental experience beyond compare. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now.

Caryl M.

Once again, even the cleaning was uneventful. Love being able to look outside while I'm in the chair. Dr. Park has the most gentle & tiny hands ! Love this place and the staff.